wood land school

Wood Land School is an ongoing project with no fixed location or form. It seeks critical engagements within the realms of representation, film, contemporary art, land and politics in Turtle Island and beyond. Each iteration of Wood Land School carries forth with it a commitment to address the lack of structural inclusion, both historically and in the now, in a multiplicity of institutional spaces. It is a conceptual and physical space for Indigenous people, with Indigenous people deciding its directions, structures and functions. An important and vital component of the structure of Wood Land School since its beginning is the inclusion of non-Indigenous people into its fabric.

Wood Land School was started in 2011 with the making of a small exhibition of works selected by Duane Linklater in a small studio space located above a store on the Nipissing First Nations in Ontario. Since then it has taken many forms such as residencies, seminars, film screenings and discursive happenings, in places such as The Banff Center for the Arts, Art Metropole, and Simon Fraser University. Currently there is a book of criticism being made with the support of Or Gallery Vancouver and SFU Galleries.

Below is the current history and things that have happened since 2011.

Wood Land School: exhibition

November 2011 - December 2012: located at 241C 17 Highway West, North Bay (Nipissing First Nations), ON P1B 8G5

List of participants

Raymond Boisjoly
David Horvitz
Tanya Lukin-Linklater
Duane Linklater
Walter Scott

Wood Land School: What color is the present

January - February 2013: located at the Banff Centre for the Arts

14 Participants in residency.

Wood Land School: The Exiles

November 2013: located Artscape Gibraltar Point Residency

6 Participants in residency.

Wood Land School/No Reading After the Internet: On 12 Years A Slave

December 2013: located Art Metropole, Toronto Ontario.

Wood Land School: In the land of the headhunters

January 2014: Simon Fraser University, Vancouver BC.

Wood Land School: Critical Anthology

March 19 - April 23 2016: Or Gallery, Vancouver BC.

Wood Land School: Thunderbird Woman

with Jaimie Issac. Summer 2016, Plug In ICA, Winnipeg Manitoba.

Upcoming 2017:

Wood Land School: Drawing a Line from January to December, SBC Gallery, Montreal. January 1 2017 - December 31 2017. Opening exhibition with: Annie Pootoogook, Alanis Obomsawin and Brian Jungen

Wood Land School Book. ed. Duane Linklater, Fall 2017 (hopefully)