From: steve cryan
Date: April 26, 2012 12:40:11 AM EDT
To: ""
Subject: Cape Spear
Reply-To: steve cryan
Hi Duane,
As opposed to continually editing the Wikipedia entry for Cape Spear in the
desire to voice your personal experience, might I alternatively suggest

It's a great site with a huge member base offering a welcome forum for
individual opinions on places visited; allows first-hand accounts
and interpretations; encourages posting of personal pictures; and relies on
contributed first-hand experiences in an attempt to encourage others to
visit a particular area that one may wish to relate to the world. I think
the section for Cape Spear would be enriched by your addition to it.

Wikipedia, conversely, is a reference site. In its ideal incantation it
should exist without opinion, bias, or emotion. Its primary goals are to
inform and elucidate, and any contribution to an article should hold those
two words paramount.

By your willful persistence, I honestly believe that your visit to Cape
Spear was a profound one that you want and need to share with others. So
why not share it with those that are actively seeking such heartfelt

All the very best,