Family Business Gallery, Fall 2012.

Untitled (a raspberry garden for 21st. St.)

In conjunction with Bard Centre for Curatorial Studies and Family Business Gallery, Linklater plants 12 raspberry bushes which were located by 7 first year MA students from Bard CCS. The opening of the exhibition consisted of a 45 minute talk with Wil Heinrich concerning the nomenclatures of New York City, the animacy/inanimacy of objects/people/places/things, an email about a trip, a buffalo in Yellowstone, and David Hammons.

An event several weeks later took place in which poet Layli Longsoldier read her series of poems Whereas - a pointed poetic response to President Barrack Obama's little known apology to Native Americans in 2010. Additionally artist/musician Leyna Papach performed an improvised viola composition for the raspberries to ease their complicated temporary stay in New York City.